View Full Version : Western guide has staff you can hire for TRC

6th October 2006, 08:10 PM
Hey out there,

I have a well trained honest staff of certified climbing Sherpas, guides and porters working for me. I usually have a few that need a job and I proposing with this new TRC that you can hire them from me for no fee on my part. You'd be paying them a set fee depending on the area you're trekking to. You'd also need to provide travel to the area, or in the event you're headed to Lukla we can phone ahead and have a guide or porter waiting for you.

You will be charged a fee each day of the trek of $2 per person. This is to pay for the insurance and other arrangements for things such as domestic airfare or hotel for your stay. My partner Min would also be available incase your family needs to contact you or you need helicopter assistance.

All cost per item such as hotel, domestic flight, meals, lodging during trek, guide or porter daily fee $4 - $6 per day.

For a climbing Sherpa you'll need a permit of $350, Sherpa equipment fee $200 this is on top of the other fees. Of course you'd need to pay the Sherpa a daily wage. The equipment fee is to equip your climb with ropes and other climbing gear, this does not include tents or food while climbing. If you have your own kit this is a good option.

My goal is to offer something where you'll know that the Nepali you hire is paid what you want them to get instead of the trekking office getting a large cut of their pay. Everything is on the table, so you know exactly what you're paying for.

If this interests anyone for travel at any time, please contact me.