View Full Version : First Responder's Course Level 1 and 2 for Trekkers

26th July 2006, 01:11 PM
I highly recommend trekkers who are not familiar with basic 1st aid practices to take up a basic FIRST RESPONDER'S COURSE with an outdoor center that offers it. This will come in very very handy in the event of an accident and also in the event you are hurt and dont have a trained medical trekker or guide with you. It takes 4-7 days to complete but its well worth the time and money if you are heading out to Nepal or anywhere for that matter:

If you need more information on the course, please do msg me....

The course I took covered the basics needed:

Day/Date 0815 - 1230 1330 - 1700 NIGHT

Day 1 -14/3
Equipping the WMFR First Aid Pouch

CPR Heartsaver (+)
CPR Evaluation
Pocket Mask

BVM/Airway Management (water-based activities/ spinal)
Steps in Accident Management (Primary Survey)

Arresting of Deadly Bleeders

Wound Care

Simulations/Clinical Session

Assignment 1
Learning Rm Learning Rm/Field

Day 2 15/3
Fracture Management

Removal of Helmet
Spinal Management
Steps in Accident Management (Secondary Survey) History/Baseline Vital Signs/Record

Chest/Abdominal Injury

Shock /ASR Management

Simulations/Clinical Session

Assignment 2
Learning Rm/Field Learning Rm/Field

Day 3 16/3
Bite/Sting Management

Head Injuries

Heat Disorders

Burns Management

Improvised stretcher
Technique of Casualty Evacuation

Simulations/Clinical Session

Night Evacuation Ex

Learning Rm/Field Learning Rm/Field

Day 4 17/3
Summary Exercise
Theory & Practical Examination (Module -Level I/II)

Debrief & De-kit

Pulau Ubin Nature Reserves Learning Rm
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