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poppa nepal
12th June 2006, 01:49 AM
Finding a Professional Guide in Nepal is very easy...but finding the right guide that fits your needs and truly works hard to ensure that your experience in Nepal is safe, memorable and very personable is not always easy, therefore....I must recommend Jagat Lama.
I could say many things to try to convince you about Jagat's abilities and professionalism....for instance...he is a Professional Certified Guide that speaks ,writes and understands English extremely well. He is a Guide that hires Porters and friends and treats them like family or better. He cares deeply about his country and has an extensive network of professionals willing to assist him and his extremely well-organized treks and other tours.
He is an Independent Guide that works hard to provide a living for himself, his family, the porters he hires and the many kind village people that make his trips possible. His prices are very competitive and include so much more than simply hiring a guide off the street...
But most importantly, Jagat is the kindest, most honest, caring and pleasant man I have had the pleasure of meeting.

I was trekking with my son and 3 other friends up to Annapurnca Sanctuary in April when the country was in political turmoil. Our group was 5 Canadians - 3 men and two ladies. My son hurt his knee halfway up and Jagat's experience and respect with local village people allowed my son to stay in a small village while we carried on. He arranged a pony to help transport my son down lower, when all transportation was stopped due to the April strike, he arranged a private driver who got us to Pokhara.
I could go on about all the other little things he did ...like serving us popcorn and other treats, making sure our meals were prepared so well, finding the best guesthouses, arranging cultural musical evenings with local Gurung villagers, etc, etc., etc.

I now have Bhuddhist flags flying high in my trees at home and each day they remind me of Jagat and his porter/guide friends...Gopi, Ramesh, Pema and Ghen and all the other kind, gentle Napali friends we met along the way.
I am anxious to return to Nepal and explore other areas.
If you want to explore the mountains, the national parks of Chitwan and other areas, please choose your guide carefully. Jagat can arrange a variety of experiences and adventures besides trekking.

While trekking, I did talk to other people along the trail about their guide and how it was going...two groups mentioned a few difficulties with the guide. I feel so lucky to have found Jagat.....so I must provide his website so you can learn more about him.


Nemaste and enjoy your trek to Nepal....I felt completely safe the whole time I was there with my son and other friends....don't hesitate to go.