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13th April 2006, 01:41 AM
Here is an email I have received from my friend from Nepal.
The situation for tourists is quite ok, and apparently has been ok during the curfew as well. Thamel was not affected by curfew, from what I undertand, and tourists could walk there, as well as to some other areas (I would imagine that would be Durbar Marg, maybe, and Kantipath, Durbar Square...)
Right now there is no curfew, and things are settling down a bit.

Anyway, here is the text:
Sorry for the quite delayed. I was quite busy with the clients organising their trip to Tibet. Oh sure, I would believe 5% of hope the country may proceed for restoration of democracy but I don't think it is easy. The demonstration level is quite similar level to 1990, But you know it needs more strong and powerful demonstration compare to situation by now. You had told me once( IT IS MORE DIFFICULT TO RECEIVE THE MONEY FROM INSURANCE COMPANY THAN TAKING OUT THE BLOOD FROM THE ROCK) Yes it is the same to restore democracy in Nepal again, Anyway God Knows, But I don't think it is easy as 1990 by now. From today the life is being normal. The Govt has claimed that there is Maoist infiltration in the ongoing agitation, And Interview between Maoist Leader and NC Chairman both have the interview with different perspectives. Publics now are very sensitive anyway.

No problem for the Tourist even during the curfew time. I also flew from Lukla to Kathmandu during the curfew but there was the prepaid taxi service and Airport to different destination's shuttle bus during the curfew as well. No problem to fly and go to airport and come back. Even tourist could walk around Thamel and several area during the curfew too.

No problem, it is possible to do as you said to cross over Thorong-La, You would have done last year also but because of Danuts you could not do it.Anyway You can come as your convenience I am here to take you to the top. But please make sure you are not in rush.

Wishing you all the best for your happiness and Prosperity."

14th April 2006, 12:54 PM
Just got into Pokhara yesterday from the circuit. Had to walk from Phedi as no transport available. Others had to hoof it from Beni! Got into town and the streets were littered with rubble forming temporary barricades. Burnt rubber still smouldered from the previous nights demonstrations. Most of the locals were taking the opportunity to relax out in the sunshine as the previos few days had seen them confined to their houses as a result of the daytime curfew. We got to our hotel, scrubbed up and went out for something to eat and watched the trekkers stumble into town. There have been some peaceful demonstrations since and the army is still patroling fully armed in vehicles. We're in Lakeside so I guess we're far removed from the main danger. I don't have any worries on that front. Transport remains affected on the main routes and mobile services are still down here although back to normal in Kathmandu. We have decided to fly to Katmandu tomorrow as the buses aren't running. From what I hear Kathmandu has returned to "normality".

Regarding the circuit, we had great weather over the pass and had a totally amazing time throughout. Met some great peple en route. It rained once, in biblical proportions at Ghorepani. The pass got a few feet of fresh snow that day by all accounts.

Things are cool here in general, but the people are suffering on account of the political situation and the lack of tourism. Perhaps 30 or 40 people crossed the pass on the same day as us which is way below the average I believe.

Anyway, off to the Lemon Tree for Daal Bhaat.

14th April 2006, 03:16 PM
I'm back. been 22 days on the AC and ABC. Bloody fantastic. My best trek ever, thanks for your encouragement Yak, everything you said was right!!!Even better didn't have to walk in from Phedi. Got a hotel bus at 3.00am this morning. Came for someone else but my guide and porter and me loaded on. Yep, all quite in Pokhara. Bit confusing on whats the story in KTM. Airline offices are all shut but seems Thamel is 'operating'. There are quite a few tourists heading out still. I'm off for a beer or few !!!

15th April 2006, 03:57 PM
as before all easy going for tourists. Went out wide today but no major rallies, have been told there were some. Only issue is lack of seats on planes to KTM and the unknown for those awaiting tourist buses. My perception is (and I am known to have a bet or two) - don't back the king for a long term stay !! Ground feeling is very different to 12 months ago when many saw him as a chance to sort things out. He seems out of time and favour now.

ps beers still cold !!!

15th April 2006, 06:07 PM
The bandh is back on again in Kathmandu. Yesterday things were "more normal" than they have been in the last few days because the Gvt curfew was lifted for the New Year and the people sort of forgot about the SPA (Seven Party Alliance) bandh. Today everywhere is shut - apart from some tourist business in Thamel that are open behind closed doors.

So toruists are definitely being "inconvenienced", but I still feel no danger, as long as I don't go out looking for trouble (it's out there, but avoidable). If anyone is arriving in the next week or so then most probably you'll be able to fly up to Lukla for trekking, but sightseeing in the Valley is not really an option.

I think Boulia is right about the general mood - everyone is sick of the Monarchy and just wants an end to the troubles. The cry from the people is "loktantra" - "total democracy".

16th April 2006, 02:20 PM
OK, having just arrived in KTM from Pokhara I am just a little struggling with the "we all love tourists" solgan. No one has any clear idea of schedules as you can imagine and I must say its intimidating to get a taxi at the airport and tourist buses are few and very far between. The Thai flight was in and there appeared a significant number of taxis there so that may have been the shortage of transport reason. At least domestic flights are still going. At this time pilots are being pressured to join the strike. One agent says only 3-4more days jet fuel available. Thamel is basically shutdown again today as Oli says. Simply not even opening 'behind closed doors'. The mood is very definitely one of continuing the strike at all costs. There appears no lacking of resolve on the streets until the king backs down.