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20th March 2006, 07:04 AM
Maoists on Sunday withdrew the blockade they had announced in the capital and district headquarters since last six days.

Issuing a joint statement, CPN (Maoist) chairman Prachanda and senior Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattrai said the party has called off the blockade and all other protest programmes with effect from March 20 (Monday).

The Maoist leaders said the party has withdrawn the blockade and other programmes of struggle after an understanding with the seven agitating political parties that has announced a four-day nationwide general strike and 'no-cooperation movement' beginning April 6 to pressure the ‘autocratic royal government’.

Stressing the need to intensify the movement against ‘royal autocracy’, the rebel leaders also pledged support to the protest programmes of the seven-party alliance.

Their statement came hours after the seven parties and the CPN (Maoist) issued their second Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), separately, after hectic negotiations in New Delhi, India.

The parties and the Maoists had signed an understanding in November last year. nepalnews.com mk Mar 19 06

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20th March 2006, 09:09 AM
This is good news Rishi. Please keep us informed on how things develop, and what the local implications might be - for the general strike called for 6-9 April. My sense is that probably taxis and mini buses carrying tourists between Thamel and Tribhuvan airport will still go on ok, as it often has happened in the past with bandhs. What do you think?

If not, is 2 hours a good timeframe to actually walk to Tribhuvan?

21st March 2006, 03:42 PM
Nepal Tourism Board has arranged shuttle bus service for the tourists and other air passengers Arriving at and departing from Tribhuvan International The shuttle bus service will operate from 6 am to till last flight.they did last many strick time do't worry. sure for that will arragement .
walking from TIA to Thamel one hrs only.
If you need any help email me or call me I'm here in Nepal serve for Guest.
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21st March 2006, 05:21 PM
Hi Rishi,

Thank you for the updates on the political situation in Nepal.

If you don't mind, I have a few questions about the 4 day strike in April:

I will be visiting Kathmandu as a tourist in April. How will the strike affect the Thamel area? What services stop operating? Does everything completely shut down? Will the strike affect flights to Lukla?

Is there likely to be other political unrest dring this time, that is related to the strike?

Thanks for your help Rishi.


22nd March 2006, 08:57 AM
Usually the affected services are taxis, shops around Durbar Marg, New Road etc.
Thamel remains open, it just closes a bit earlier at night. Shops, hotels and restaurants in Thamel stay open.
Flights to Lukla are not affected. You might just leave for the Airport a bit earlier, just to make sure you have time to get there.