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19th March 2006, 12:03 PM
French Police search Nagarjun forest again

By Jitendra Sah

KATHMANDU, March 18 - Members of the French Police team that arrived here yesterday have started another search for missing French tourist Celine Henri Saturday morning.
French tourist Celine Henri and German Sabine Ursula Gruneklee went missing in the Nagarjun forest on Sept. 3rd and Oct. 15th respectively.

Although Grunekleeís body was found in the forest a month ago, no traces have been found of Celine Henri. The French police have been searching and questioning locals with the help of a team from Valley Crime Investigation Section. According to security officials, the French team comprises of 6 members led by the Police Commissioner.

It is reported that the French team, that is going to be here for two weeks, will be working with Nepal Police on the case from different angles. According to a DSP, the team has searched the area from where Henri is suspected to be missing and has also questioned the locals. There hasnít been any reliable finding till now, the DSP said.

The police had uncovered Grunekleeís decayed body from the tightly guarded Nagarjun forest on February 11 Ė four months after she went missing Ė after being notified by locals. Grunekleeís case hasnít been solved yet while the French Policeís search for Henri has been fruitless till now.

After examining Grunekleeís body for one and a half weeks, medical experts and the police had declared that she had been killed on the very day she went missing. French tourist Henriís family had notified the Embassy in Kathmandu in October itself. Henri hadnít been in touch with her family since Sept. 3rd. She had left all her belongings at Hotel Pilgrims in Thamel, where she had been staying, and set out for Nagarjun forest on the same day. A French investigation team led by Ambassador Michel Jolivett on Oct. 16 had uncovered some ornaments in the forest.

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