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27th February 2006, 02:43 PM

Binod Mahat : I am a Himalayan trekking/tour guide with many years experience in guiding and organizing for individuals and group itineraries for all of the popular trekking destinations in Nepal. Born in the lap of the mid- hilly region of the Annapurna Himalayas, of central Nepal, I have spent years exploring the remote mountains villages, the country痴 unique cultures and people痴 lifestyles of Nepal.

Many years of experience and knowledge of the mountains have prepared me to respond to many situations should they arise. I am physically strong; I can speak/write in English and passed a graduate level course at the university.

The many nice comments that I have received, from those for whom I have handled the arrangements to trek and tour in Nepal, is most gratifying. As an independent guide I can tailor a trip to the trekkers. I am not a company so, it is quite friendly and private. I am more flexible; I will hike at your pace, give more personal service and I have excellent references.

1. Why you might consider trekking with me instead of a large trekking company ?

In Brief :
I will personally be your guide when you book your arrangements with me. I commit my time to be with you during your trek. Other companies will arrange a guide for you, and depending on their schedules, you may not always receive the best-qualified guide.
I have many years of experience as a trekking guide and I feel that our relationship, as a guide/trekker begins with our initial contacts. The emails we exchange in preparation for your trip allows us to learn about one another prior to your arrival in Nepal. When you arrive in Nepal we will already know something about each other so that we will not begin our adventure together as complete strangers.
Since we will directly interact in the planning process you will have a clear understanding about your payment. I am very much conscious of your budget. My price is very reasonable. I would like to assure you that hiring independent guide is beneficial in any regards. Since I work on my own, I donít have to pay for the expenses that a trekking agency normally has, the budget for your trip can be better used for your trekking expenses and it guarantees that guide, porters and other supporting staff will be paid fairly. The stiff competition between agencies often makes this difficult. I am not a large company so the service I provide is quite friendly and private. I am more flexible; I will hike at your pace and give more personal service.
Generally me and my all supporting friends are covered by insurance and I always provide them enough clothing/equipment during the trekking which is a major issue to be considered in some certain areas. If you've been trekking you will know how hard porters have to work for their cash. Yet here are many guides and porters who are working for several trekking companies by paying shocking amount of money. Please read my own philosophy about porters in this page Porters in Nepal
Having experienced trek life through Nepalís numerous high landscapes Iíve discovered a rich assortment of diverse cultures in Nepal. So, I will alert you to local culture, see sights, select nice lodging & dining and look after your logistical requirements like - picking you up from the airport, paying Conservation/ National park fee, organizing your transport to the trek head, liaising and directing the porter etc and in case of emergency, I can get a helicopter to pick you up immediately as I know some helicopter companies and can do that.
As a guide my primary goal is to provide rich cultural experience so that my guest may leave with many happy memories of their visit to this little country and her people. I wish your travel experience in any place during the trek to be greatly enhanced.

Binod Mahat
Nepal Independent Trekking Guide & Tour Operator
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