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Bhanu Adhikari
7th February 2006, 04:57 PM
Trekkers, Travelers, Tour operators, and visitors,
Namaste and Welcome to Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal
This is Bhanu Adhikari from Nepal and I am an independent and experienced guide. I am mountain trained and received my Government Guide License in 200485. I am Specializing in real Eco- adventure in this travel and tourism industries, so I got many more experience from my abilities and recognize to foreigner who visit with me in Nepal and they are truly positively glad with me and several confidently recommend to other new client in my name and absolute service but only people know my service when they trust me and adjust with me. Hopefully I am your additional helper from Nepal sector and try to survey my service. If any one interest about any types of tourism activities in Nepal or trekking in Nepal please concern with me following my address and I will guide to you in my country as friendly.
Bhanu Adhikari
E-mail: bhanu_adhikari@hotmail.com