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26th October 2005, 02:00 PM
http://trekinfo.com/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif Manang Youth Society would like to draw your attention to news dated
26 Oct, 2005 published in Kantipur Daily regarding a large
number of tourists stranded in Manang. According to the latest news from
the district, the weather has been good for the past 3 days with sunny
weather following last week’s heavy snowfall. Provided the good weather
continues, the snow is likely to be melt soon. It will take some time for
planes to resume regular flights. According to information from Manang,
all the tourists stranded at Tilicho Lake have been rescued with the help of local people and flown out by helicopter. Tourist traffic continues on the Annapurna circuit. While tourists whose treks have been cut short by the recent weather conditions are returning to Kathmandu via
Besisahar, others are continuing to walk up to Manang in the hope of
crossing the Thorong Pass to reach Jomsom. While news about stranded
trekkers and climbers in Nar and Phu, the northernmost outposts of
Manang, could not be confirmed, telephones in Humde (019442000), Braga
(019442003) and Pisang (019442001) are operating. The Manang Village
phone is intermittent (019442009). For further updates on the weather and
traveling conditions in Manang, please contact Manang Youth Society,
4423643 or Himalayan Rescue Association, 44410292.

Tripple P Gurung
Manang Youth Society

27th October 2005, 01:22 PM
The Himalayan Times:Tourists Still Stranded in Manang
*Rishi Baral Pokhara, October 27


29th October 2005, 12:55 PM
Tourist were stuck in Manang and Jomson between the 20th-24th October as I was in Pokhara and flights were unable to get in to due poor visibility and bad weather.

I was at the airport when a MI-8 helicopter flew into pokhara airport with a load of happy passengers who had been stuck in Jomson although the weather did improve some what during the past week.

Please check weather advisories and ensure you have RESPONSIBLE and EXPERINCED guides with you during your trek in the annapurna's as the weather has been bloody unpredictable.

Dont be afraid to delay the start of your trek if you have doubts and consult with trekkers who have just gotten out from the trails for information and updates.

Better to be safe than sorry.