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12th October 2005, 03:50 PM
G'day guys and gals

I am having a lil headache getting a flight out to Kathmandu between the 17th-19th October.

I am on wait list for thai airways but am confirmed on Royal Nepal Airways.

I know RNA had major problems a couple of years ago but wanted to check if anyone has had problems flying on the airline these last few months and if there had been cancellations or delays or any major issues they would care to share?

I need to confirm my seats and pay up by tommorow so..hopefully, some of you will read this thread over the next 12 hours and I can get some helpful comments..



29th October 2005, 01:22 PM
The problem with Royal Nepal is the following:

1) Limited aircraft (2 x 757 or 767 aircraft)

2) Delays and cancellation of flights do happen but not as often as before. They have made some improvements in this department, altough our flight out of bangkok to kathmandu was 3 hours late due to bad weather in kathmandu in the middle of october.

Our departure yesterday out of kathmandu was on time and service was ok.

3) ALWAYS get to the airport no later than 2 hours before your flight; RN is notorious for being over booked and for bumping passengers off their flights.

We were at the RN office in downtown kathmandu (not an easy building to find..no bloody signboards or posters...lucky we took a taxi) on NEW ROAD and a lady from an asian country got bumped off her flight to Kuala Lumpur along with 8 other passengers the previous night and she was stuck in kathmandu for a further 2 days..

Even then, they couldnt guarrantee her a seat.

We were at the airport 3 hours before our flight which was a blessing as you need to buy an airport tax and the airport was SWARMING with passengers as Gulf Air and another middle eastern airline all arriva at 6:30am and depart at the same friggin time as the RN flight for bangkok..

Given the number of times you have to go thru security and how slow it takes for them to check your carry on baggage and the lenght of the lines of passengers waiting, 3 hours is strongly suggested if you are planning on flying RN.

This doesnt take into account the line for immigration and the SECURITY CHECK PRIOR to boarding the aircraft AGAIN!

Make sure you are in the right line as RN has a habit of not putting up signages and there were some passengers who were extremely pissed when they realized the counter they had lined up on for 45 min was not going to be used and ended up having to get to the back of the line on a different counter.

On another note, you NEED to re-confirm your ticket for RN flights. Do not turn up at the airport expecting to have a confirmed seat as what happened with the lady who was bumped off her flight. Do it at least 72 hours and its safer to go there yourself rather than expect a travel agent do it for you.

Travel agents wanted 200 rupees per passenger per ticket and also wanted our passports and we decided to take a cab after our early morning mountain flight with yeti airways (great view of everest and the himalays'..worth it if you dont mind the US$120 per pax) and headed straight for the RN office.

Make sure your cab driver knows where it is before you agree to get in the cab!

On a very typical note, dont expect service to be waiting for you when you get to the office..we sat there at 9:15am and they were only then just coming in to work and that was 2 people..and even then, they did everything at a snail's pace....we eventually had our tickets done at 9:45am..

I sat bemused and grinning at the lady who got bumped off her flight to KL and she was also amazed at how they run things in the office...it was.....a joke.

Anyways....you save $ by travelling on RN unlike Thai Airways which is far more effiicient and professional so you need to decide which you prefer. Less headaches or saving $ for the sake of RN.

I had no problems with the inflight service of RN..the crew were good and the aircraft is in a good state...just cant believe how slow and backwards their ground staff are!

Meals were good.


30th October 2005, 01:39 AM
Thanks Bradley. Good information mate. I have never flown RNA, as I always flew Thai into KTD from Aus, and maybe Lufthansa out towards Europe once in 1996. But I might try them once, just for the record...

30th October 2005, 07:20 AM
Thanks Bradley. Good information mate. I have never flown RNA, as I always flew Thai into KTD from Aus, and maybe Lufthansa out towards Europe once in 1996. But I might try them once, just for the record...


I would think you would have a good deal on Thai all the way from Oz....and I would stick with Thai.

I didnt have a choice as I was on a tight budget but if I had a choice, I would have taken Thai...it flies in to kathmandu earlier and is almost never late...

But still, you might give RN a go if you really do wana experince it..:)