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26th September 2005, 04:00 PM

I am currently planning on visiting Nepal in November and wish to do EBC trek. Is it best to organise the trek before i arrive or is it cheaper to hire a guide & porter when i arrive? would i do this in Kathmandu or Lukla? If organising before hand, so i ask the going rate or make an offer, and if the second one, what is the going rate for a guide & porter. (There is 2 of us)

Also how far in advance should i book my flights?

And one last question, how do i go about booking Nepal Airline flights, i cannot find a website or email address for them on the net, and need to book a flight from Kathmandu to Bombay.

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26th September 2005, 06:36 PM
Hi, best bet is to use a recommended guide via the list on this website, you'll get hounded in Kathmandu, and its always best to use someone you have confidence in. They're recommeded for a reason!


My wife and I used one of these guides, called Jagat Lama, highly recommended, and reliable. He'll give you all the details you need about internal flights and costs.

He's usually on msn messenger this time of year, send him an email via his site:


Good luck, you will love it up there!


26th September 2005, 09:12 PM
While it "may" be cheaper to organize your trip on arrival, it will be time consuming and you will not have the benefit of having someone at the airport to greet you or someone to assist with your planning before your arrive. If you ask around Kathmandu you find a multitude of agencies and independents more than happy to assist. However, how will you get recommendations or endorsements.

For first time trekkers I would recommend making your arrangements in advance. I'm glad I did and when I return I now have a trusted contact to make my arrangements (in advance). Using this and other sites you should be able to get enough recommended guides and agencies to contact and get rate quotes. Then pick the one that feels right. Any premium will be well spent.

Your flight to and from Nepal should be booked as early as possible to get the best rates and to lock in your dates. You won't book your flights within Nepal until you arrive. Your agent or guide will make these arrangements for you.

27th September 2005, 02:06 AM
Here is a link to a site for recommended guides. It is nice to have someone organise your arrival and dealing directly with the guides will get you a fair price and excellent service. No need to put money in the hands of a trekking company.

27th September 2005, 10:06 AM
Thanks guys, i will definitly take your advice and organise my trek before hand.

A couple of flight questions though ... does anyone know an airline other than comic air that fly between Varanasi and Kathmandu ... I have book & planned most of my trip however have just found that the flight (cosmic air f5-622) to kathmandu i was going to get is apparently full. Also i wanted to book a Nepal Airlines flight (RA201) however cannot find any email address or website that I can do this though.

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