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Vicki Parry
21st August 2005, 06:41 PM

Am arriving in Nepal Nov 5 2005 and looking to do the Annapurnca circuit, though open toother ideas to. I am lookig to join a small group or meet other people who wish to do the trek. If you are in a similar position then please get in touch.



22nd August 2005, 09:54 AM
Hi Vicky
My name is Jamie, I am 27 year old Aussie girl.
I'm arriving in Kathmandu 8 November, planning to do the Everest Base Camp trek first (11-26 Nov approx) and then Anapurna Sanctuary from 29 Nov approx.
I am travelling alone but looking to meet up with other travellers along the way, if this suits your itinerary give me a yell :)


22nd August 2005, 12:03 PM
Hi Vicky and Jamie,

I'm Rob, 30 from UK (originally from KTM), am also looking to do EBC in Nov sometime (see my thread 'EBC in Nov' below). I'm in KTM already so if you want to chat over a drink in Thamel when you get here, drop me a line at robshak@hotmail.com and will keep in touch. I don't think I'll require a guide and also I want to be a bit flexible with timings and where I may want to go. If that suits any of you, do get in touch. I'm flexible.


27th August 2005, 06:02 PM
Hi there,

I am Harry from the Netherlands, arriving around 1 November. Looking for some international team of trekkers for Annapurna circuit. Have done the trek already two times, but still like to walk along with some people and join in the fun. For me it would be nice to leave Ktm after 7 November. First of all think I might need a week to see all my Nepal family again before going.
We might meet eachother first in Katmandu before and see if we all match together or.....

See you in next mail.


28th August 2005, 12:03 PM
Hi Harry,

Looks like we can be on the same team. Why don't you drop me a line when you're in KTM and we'll discuss it over a drink in Thamel? I'm in KTM already. I am originally from here but have been living in the UK for the last 11 years. I have been to a few treks around Europe and it has always been a dream to do the same in my own country! Hoping to make it this time!

See you soon,


30th August 2005, 01:44 AM
Hello Robin,

Sounds okay with me to see eachother in Kathmandu, what about you girls Vickie and Jamy? I'm flexible for this moment, but prefer to go Annapurna because over the past two years i've seen Everest 3 times, but the more people the better and other talks.
Robin, you could phone me in Kathmandu from 1 November evening on 4381028 (TPG house) in Paknajol, just ask for Hari dai or leave a message where I can reach you next day(s).

In the meantime, have fun with the friends and family overthere.


30th August 2005, 09:34 AM
Hi guys,
I am planning on doing Annapurnas after I do EBC. So I don't think I'll be arriving in Pokhara until the end of November. Might be a bit later than you guys are planning...?
You can email me on jamie.murdoch@gmail.com

cheers, Jamie

1st September 2005, 07:24 PM
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25th September 2005, 02:34 PM
Hi guys,

I am a 26rys old Austrian girl, a single traveller as well, and I am looking for some funcompany to do the AC starting mid November! Would be great if we could share this experience- the more, the merrier-as well as the guide, do you think a porter would be good, too?
Looking forward to hearing from you,


27th September 2005, 01:51 AM
Hello Julia,

Probably you noticed also my message on the board. We are planning to start on the 9 th from Kathmandu, might be possible that we change date of departure a little bit, if, in thatway, we can get more companions to join in the group. At the moment two fixed and still waiting for some reply from Vicki herself......
If you like you can mail me directly (harrybrands@yahoo.com) also if you need some more information or help in finding a reliable guide/porter.



28th September 2005, 07:59 AM
Hi November Trekkers,

I am doing ABC trek in November. I'm set for my trek with a indy guide/porter and am not looking to join group. However, I am up for meeting other people who like moving their feet. I will be returning to Pokhara around Nov. 26th. and would like to meet up for a drink.

Also, I plan to go paragliding post trek, taking a tandem flight in place ust outside Pokhara. If anyone is interested in seeing the sights in this different way and wants to join in let me know.

BTW, I'm a 42yr old (next week) Canadian woman. This trip will be my first time to Nepal .


Vicki Parry
24th October 2005, 08:26 PM
Hi Julia, Jamie, Rob and Harry (again)

I arrive in Katmandu on 5 Nov if anyone wants to meet up. Harry I think you said that you will be in Katmandu and leaving on the 9th. I will get in touch when I arrive.

My travelling address is Vicki_parry@hotmail.com but until then Vicki.parry@omg.co.uk.

I am planning on starting the AC after a couple of days and am meeting another girl from the US

Does anyone know should we set out from katmandu to Besisahar or head to Pokhora?
Please get in touch with me at the above addresses if you would like to meet
in Kat. or start the trek together.

Do I need to book accomodation in Thamil or can I just turn up?


25th October 2005, 07:26 PM
Hi guys,

I am a 26rys old Austrian girl, a single traveller as well, and I am looking for some funcompany to do the AC starting mid November! Would be great if we could share this experience- the more, the merrier-as well as the guide, do you think a porter would be good, too?
Looking forward to hearing from you,


Hi Julia.

I will arrive to KTM 16 nov. and head for the AC directly thereafter. Im a 30years male from sweden and will probably go with a guide, and I would like to meet up with people in kathmandu or Pokhara with the same goal before take off. I have experiences walking on high althitude before, but its my first visit to Nepal. You can email me on alpinesportts@hotmail.com if you have similar plans.


10th November 2005, 01:46 PM
namaste to all

Looking for trekking companions, who are chill and adventurous, to do Annapurna Circuit trek, no porters or guides. I'm in Pokhara from Nov 9 to Nov 12 or even longer, doing some yoga. I have maps, modified by trekking guides, and lots of other stuff. I love to do detours and stay in alternative places than "as in Lonely Plantet". I chatted the Chris from LP about this so have the scoop. Anyway, there are many people looking for trekkers in Pokhara. Cool place.

I'm Jacek, 31, from Canada (Vancouver, BC), in Nepal for 2 months, etc.
Feel free to email me.


16th November 2005, 06:14 PM
I'm also looking for a trekking companion for the Annapurna Curcuit.

I'm in Kathmandu at the moment and plan to leave Kathmandu on 19 Nov. O/night in Pokhara first then do the full Annapurna Circuit trek. Then head back to Pokhara for yoga/rest.

I plan to take approx 18 - 24 days to do the trek. I dont think it's necessary to hire a porter or guide. I plan to carry my own gear, navigate myself and stay/eat in local lodges so would be keen for some company.

I'm 30, from australia, moderate fitness. Experience hiking in australia, new zealand & SE but new to Nepal.

My e-mail is: -- removed
**Please-no contact from tour guides.

If anyone's plans are similar to mine we could get together for coffee or a meal in Kathmandu or Pokhara to see if we get along. Let me know.