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Holy stRoller
10th May 2005, 01:00 PM
For your information BBC 10th May 2005:-

Rebels raid Nepal security posts

Nepalese soldiers say they have killed 26 Maoists after the rebels launched three simultaneous attacks against security posts along a key highway.

Four soldiers and policemen were also killed and 30 civilians were wounded, police said.

More than 30 policemen are said to be missing following the attacks.

The clashes are said to be the fiercest since a major rebel assault on a security base last month, in which more than 150 Maoists were killed.

Hundreds of rebels raided posts manned by the army and police in the south-eastern district of Siraha.

A military spokesman in Kathmandu said the main target was a major security base in Bandipur, some 450km east of the capital.

The two sides are said to have traded gunfire through the night and well into the morning.
The rebels blocked the highway in an effort to prevent reinforcements being sent out to the Nepalese security forces, after which army helicopters were deployed to provide back-up support.

"They have failed in their plan to overrun the security base," an army officer was quoted as saying by the Reuters news agency.

"The Maoists were using civilians as human shields in a blatant violation of human rights," he alleged.

There has been no reaction from the Maoists as yet.

The incident comes as US Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca is in the Nepalese capital to hold talks with the government.

The rebels have stepped up attacks since King Gyanendra dismissed the elected government and seized direct control of Nepal in February.

The king blamed the government for doing little to stop the Maoist insurgency.

More than 12,000 people have died in Nepal since 1996 when the rebels began their insurgency.

The Maoists want to replace the country's constitutional monarchy with a communist republic.