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3rd May 2005, 12:11 PM
The figures released today by Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation quoting Immigration Office, TIA, show there were 18,879 visitors arrival during April 2005 by air, a decrease of 38 percent relative to the same month of the previous year. The figures in April shows the continual softening in decline in Indian visitor's segment as the arrival was down by 33% where as third country arrival was down by 40% compared to the same period last year. On the other hand, visitors' arrival in the second half of the month improved tremendously as the first half was down by more than 50%.

And also compared with arrival of first quarter of 2003, the arrival in the same period of 2005 seems almost equal. The encouraging growth of 1st half of 2004 led to the high base figure for comparison for 2005, thus the decline appears to be very high over the past few months.

The decline in April came from major markets like UK (-29%), USA (-33%), Germany (-30%), Japan (-45%) and Australia (-30%). Arrivals from Dutch, Spanish and Italian markets also shot down by 35%, 26% and 36%.

Last month, in order to dissipate the negative image and safety concerns about Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board organized eight different Familiarization groups from India (3 groups, 21 journalists) , Bangladesh (5 journalists), Malaysia (5 journalists), Hong Kong (2 journalists), Thailand (1 journalist) and UK (4 journalists) so as to convey the correct picture to the potential traveling population from target markets. The Board is organizing similar Familiarization trips in the month of May to further boost Nepal's destination image internationally.

After the street protests of September 1, 2004 in Kathmandu, there has been continuous decline in arrivals. The industry believes that until a strong national carrier and competitive packages are not floated in markets, revival of tourist number will be difficult despite relentless efforts. The present 'Buy three get one free' package launched jointly by Nepal Tourism Board, Royal Nepal Airlines and Cosmic Air, including Pashupatinath Darshan Package are gaining interest and showing positive results both from India and Bangladesh.

Industry experts are optimistic that the arrival trends will start to soar up again after the pull out of State of Emergency since April 29, 2005 and the positive message reflected by it.

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