View Full Version : Trek Anna Purna around 20/12

30th November 2010, 12:28 PM
Hi Everyone!

I am keen to do the trek with a group of like minded people who don't mind taking it easy and enjoying the view as they go through one of the worlds most amazing walks and areas!

I am from Aus but travelling for the next year through Nepal, India then not sure where.

I am looking at keeping costs down as much as possible on the Anna Purna trek (within reason), so don't want to pay for a guide and will carry my own bag.

My facebook is taryn colless if anyone would be interested in meeting up, or in joining me.

Hope to hear from you soon!


13th December 2010, 04:48 PM
I'm in Pokhara, i'm male, just 50 (oh my god!) from UK, and am looking to do one or more short treks, maybe 5 days or so, starting in next few days. I will be in this area until end of December i think (there's a street festival in Pokhara Dec 28-Jan 1st), then off to India. I'm open to any trek partner/group ideas, 1 day or longer.
I'm staying at Phil's Inn (as in Lonely Planet) - on main lakeside road (North).
Email lindenrowland@yahoo.com

Linden Rowland on facebook

!!! UPDATE: Rachael and I meeting at 5pm, Tuesday Dec 14th at Once Upon a Time Restaurant, outisde to discuss options and for coffee - Pokhara main drag central. Come along if interested.

Look forward to hearing from you