View Full Version : Anyone up for Mera peak trekking in April 2011?

31st October 2010, 12:17 AM
Hi everyone,
I am planing and preparing myself for Mera trekking tour in April 2011.
Still reviewing trekking agencies to choose from so any help on that one would be highly appreciated.

BTW, my name is Alexander, 28 y/o from Serbia. Love to meet new people, countries and cultures (i bet everyone says this)

If anyone is interested in this trek and climb please drop me a line so we can continue on making plans and arrangements.


6th November 2010, 03:36 AM
Hi, I'm 25, female, UK> Will be in Nepal from March to May 2011.

What do you estimate the price will be for Mera Peak?


27th February 2011, 11:23 AM
Hi there, I am a 35 years old female from Hong Kong, I was in Thorung La in Apr 2010, planning to climb the Mera Peak between 17th Apr and 8th May 2011. I have been checking the prices with the agencys mentioned in LP, from USD$1700 to $3300. Have you guys booked anything ?

28th February 2011, 10:05 PM
My name is Marcelo, from Brazil, 39 years old. Have been to Nepal two times before. The first time went on the trek to Kala Pathar (5545 m) and the second time I made the trek to ABC.
So itís going to be my 3rd time in Nepal next April. My original plan was to trek round the Annapurna circuit, combining the Naar-Phu and the Upper Mustang treks, but as I would have to pay twice (US$ 1.000,00) for special permits (if I didnít find anyone else to join me and share the costs of the permits) for the trek to remote area of Upper Mustang, I am about to give up this trek. Iím very flexible about the planning route. It really doesnít matter where I go trekking in Nepal. Iím happy just to be in that amazing, scenic country. I would be arriving Kathmandu on 25 April, but will have to change flight. I must be leaving Sao Paulo Brazil 14 or 16 April, arriving Ktm 2 days later. So I could join the gang for the trek to Mera Peak, if thereís no problem for you. Let me know if itís ok for you and which day youīre planning to leave Ktm for the trek.
ps: the first time I went to Nepal, I booked the trek with a travel agency. The guide they provided is now running a travel agency in Ktm. Last year (my second time in Nepal) I asked him to arrange everything for my trek to ABC. I find his company reliable and Iím sure he is flexible about the schedule that you find would better meet your needs.