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Pull morgent
24th March 2005, 08:42 AM
To future travelers,

Furwa lama is a very experienced, respectful and hard working guide. He will answer all your questions and needs, translate for you, and obtain the lowest prices for food and lodging. He is considerate, and will travel at your pace, and encourage you to learn the art of trekking. He was also an excellent city guide helping me find all the interesting restaurants and barter for the goods I wanted to buy and bring home. I would rate his abilities as well above average and his English language skills as excellent.
Furwa lama was our guide at Annapurna Circuit. He did a wonderful job, was dedicated to our experience and interest. Together with furwa lama we tuned the trekking schedule to our needs and wishes, which meant shortening some days and taking extra detours.

I can really recommend furwa lama as trekking guide. We are planning to go back to Nepal in some years to do a camping trek and will as Aliasing to arrange that as we are sure that he is very competent to do so. (And he likes camping treks much more than the tea lodge treks)

Please feel free to contact for Nepal email:-furwalama15@hotmail.com and crocodile_dendi77@hotmail.com