View Full Version : Everest Base Camp around 20 March 2010

9th March 2010, 02:40 PM
Hi there,

Im a 36 y/o male, fairly easy going, fit but not really fit, medium to relaxed pace, arriving Kathmandu on 17 March, will then be looking to book a flight to Lukla maybe around the 20th and head off up to Everest Base Camp and back.

If anybody else is thinking of doing something similar, would be great to hook up for company, at least for the beginning portion. We could either meet up in KTM for a beer and book the internal flights together, or just meet in Lukla or a bit further up the trail. Wouldnt mean we have to do the whole trek together, just see how it goes.

Im currently planning to fly to lukla but would consider the jiri walk in possibly too.

If so, pm me here and i will send you my details.

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15th March 2010, 11:00 PM
Right now the latest plan is definitely to fly to lukla, then do the EBC then, if I get that far and am up to it, to go over to gokyo lakes and back that way.

Im still going to attempt to leave kathmandu on 19th or probably 20th of March.

People are still welcome to join. You can ask for K Lock at the kathmandu guest house or leave a message for me.

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17th March 2010, 08:40 PM

Thats the exact trek I'm trying to do.
However I'm walking to lukla from shivayla, i hear the route is great and helps even more with acclimatisation (extra3/4 days), but then flying out from lukla to kathmandu after.
I will arrive in lukla on the 23rd, does that sound possible to you?
(I'm Will 19/m relatively fit)

Great to hear from you, I need a trekking bud :)

18th March 2010, 01:10 PM
I have sent you a pm........
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