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7th October 2009, 04:34 PM
Hi there,
I'm Martin, a 22 year old german, who's looking for (a) trekking partner(s) for the Annapurna Circuit.
I'll be arriving on 12th of October at Kathmandu. After a few days of sightseeing around Kathmandu, I want to start the Annapurna Circuit trek. So this will be around 17th or 18th of October (my timetable is flexible).
My purpose is getting in contact with culture and nature and enjoying the trek, not just rushing through it.
Some rest-days for exploring villages and their surrounding would be great. If the weather and the route-conditions allow it, I would love to visit Tilicho Tal.
I'll spend 4-5 weeks in Nepal, so I'll have plenty of time for the trek, what doesn't mean that the AC must take all this time... there are so many interresting things to see in Nepal :)
I would say that I'm easy to get along with, I'm spontaneous and just like to plan as much as necessary for keeping as much possibilitys open as possible. I'm fit and well prepared.

If you think that our plans could match up, just let me know :)


14th October 2009, 10:09 AM
Hi Martin,

I think your dates may work with mine. I am currently in Kathmandu and will be in Nepal till 1st Dec. I want to do Annapurna within the next 5 days or so. I am a Scottish fit and healthy 30 yr old female who is very easy going. I'm interested in trekking, for my love and appreciation of nature. In other words, I don't plan to speed round the circuit.

If you think our plans could work, send me an e-mail carrpdm@hotmail.com and we could maybe meet in Kathmandu's Thamel area and further discuss ideas over a coffee?

Kind regards,