View Full Version : Dont go through Global Trekking

19th December 2003, 11:59 AM

Hi there, just a quick warning dont go trekking through Global Trekking - they are a company (actually a farce) based in Thamel, Kathmandu.

I went on a seven day trek with them and they were supposed to sort out my flight back to Delhi.

The trek was good, had a real good laugh. But the guide they gave me spoke small english - when I had paid extra for a fluent english guide. He changed my Itinery - so my trek was cut short but we trekked the same amount of days - meaning that some days we only trekked for 2 hours maximum, a real waste. Then he told me at the end of the trek (about cutting my trek short) when I questioned him, blaming it on Maoist activity when I new for a fact that there was none. This kind of ruined the trek.

Then the flight. I booked a flight to Delhi when I first landed in Kathmandu. I went to pick up my ticket - this took 2 days before thay told me that they had not confirm my flight. They blamed it on a visa problem - I asked other travel agents and they said that there couldnt have been a problem with my Visa - so basically Global Trekking f***** me!! Unfortunately I was told to pick the ticket up a day before I was meant to fly out. The next available flight with this airline is in a month. Trying to get some sort of compensation is like trying to get blood from a stone.

Morale of the story - Dont go through Global Trekking. You have been warned.