View Full Version : Annapurna Circuit in August 09

24th July 2009, 10:26 AM
Hi everyone!

I'm new on here but have been browsing a bit and think this is a really great resource for trekkers!

I would like to do the annapurna circuit trek in august and am looking for people to join together with. I'm trying to do things as cheaply as possible so wouldn't be looking to hire a porter, although if you wanted to split the costs of a guide I might be willing to do this. I've just come back from the Langtang valley where I had some amazing views at the top so hoping the Annapurna circuit will be the same.

I'm in Kathmandu at the moment but should be arriving in Pokhara in about a week at the latest and would be willing to start trekking any time after that. So that people know, I'm a 24 year old girl from Scotland and am travelling in China, Tibet and Nepal for the summer. I don't mind what ages, gender or nationality my trekking companions might be!

So if you might be interested in joining me or if you already have a group and wouldn't mind an extra person, send me a message and maybe we could meet up in Pokhara :)

24th July 2009, 10:38 AM
Hey yep sounds cool im gonna be doing it on the cheap too so sounds good to me.
I arrive in kathmandu on aug 2nd i have not got any phone or such like .
Ull have to email me and stuff to keep in contact.
Do ya know where ya gonna stay in pokhara .
Yep willing to start the trek asap would be cool .
Have not been to nepal before but do alot of trekking.
If we can get a few more people a guide would be cool, but talking to people this trek seems to be the easiest without a guide so all good.
yep so count me in if thats ok.

Well hope to cya soon