View Full Version : Nepal-Trekking 20.3.-12.4?

27th January 2005, 03:48 AM
Hi, my name is Frank, 36 from Germany. Just completed brilliant hikes in New Zealand, Cascade Saddle and Rabbit Pass, if you know them already!

Coming to Nepal the first time! My first idea was the Annapurna circuit, but I heard about thiefs and that solo hiking isn't safe in that area. So my plan is to go for hikes in the Everest region, from Jiri to Namche Bazar, Everest Base Camp, crossing Cho La (5420m), which might be difficult, Gokyo and back to Lukla?

Here some questions?

1.) Does someone know this route? Especially the glaciated part west of Cho La! Is it possible to hike without rope, but only with crampons and ice axe...and still stay alive? :)

2.) Which hike would you recommend? Annapurna circuit or Everest area? Are there other options for a 20-days hike?

3.) If you are physically and mentally fit, you might accompany me? So drop me a line at berlinfrank@web.de!



27th January 2005, 12:10 PM
First about the Annapurna or Everest choice...

Both are absolutely amazing, and about equal. So tossing a coin to chose, might be an alternative :)
Seriously, they both offer exceptional scenary of intense beauty. Annapurna would have the advantage of more cultural diversity. You would cross the teritory of about 5 different ethnic groups from the Brahmins in Bahundada to the Managis, the Tibet-like Mustangi population around Kagbeni-Muktinath to the Gurungs and Thakalis of the Kali Gandaki valley. In the Khumbu/Everest region you deal with the Sherpas only.
I would not be concerned about trekking alone. Thieving rarely happens. Secondly you will never be fully alone, as none of these treks are "wilderness experiences". Trekkers usually make friends and join in groups from one lodge to the next where they plan to sleep. It is very easy to join for the day with one or two other trekkers, or simply to stay close to some group.

Annapurna would have the better lodges, and Gokyo/EBC would be more intense.
I Khumbu, I prefer Gokyo to EBC, but if you cross cho la you would do both...

Difficult choice but it does not matter. Whichever one you chose it would be memorable, and like nothing you would have experienced before!