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18th November 2008, 02:04 PM
Kathmandu to Jiri road has been extended to Bandar, but the end section is so bad that it is almost as fast to hike (5 h). Bus traffic started 12 days ago, about 12 hours KTM-Bandar with express bus.

source: Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forum.

19th November 2008, 02:34 AM
Geez before we know it it will have reached Kenja...although I daresay they will have some trouble getting it over the Lamjura La :p

19th November 2008, 02:59 AM
Videos (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bhandar+bus)

I'll be taking a bus to Jiri in a couple of weeks, still plan to walk from there. Am I right in thinking that the old trail takes a more direct route over the hill rather than around it to Shivalaya? I shall look to see if there is an alternative "non-road" trail over to Bhandar

19th November 2008, 03:26 AM
Am I right in thinking that the old trail takes a more direct route over the hill rather than around it to Shivalaya? I shall look to see if there is an alternative "non-road" trail over to Bhandar
From Jiri the normal trekking route is over the hill to Shivalaya, and then up
over Deurali pass to Bandar.

Second time I trekked in that way I was over confident on how well I
knew the route, and missed the very first turnoff, fifteen minutes out of
Jiri. So I had to take the longer route around via Those to Shivalaya. It
is mostly flat and I suppose that is where they have built the road.

So, yes there is a more direct route to Shivalaya. From there on however
I would think that the road probably snakes up the same hill to Deurali.

That is a tough hill to climb on your second day, and I would be surprised
if there was a flatter option that has not been used by trekkers all these

Lamjura is a bitch!

19th November 2008, 06:34 AM
Yes Oli, you are right about the route it goes straight up and over the hill. From Jiri take care when walking the first 15 mins as you can easily miss the turn off that heads up the hill towards Shivalaya.

From my memory the trail out of Shivalaya is straight up the hill so there would be no way a road wld go up there. There is a also a school( Hillary?) on the way to Bhandar on the left hand side of the trail( past Shivalaya) so I can't imagine a road going anywhere near the school.

You should reach Shivalaya late morning and then you can hike on to Bhandar.
Some have even gone all the way to Kenja on the first day. I wouldn't recommend that....you will pay for it the next day.

Lamjura , for me, rates as one of the hardest hill climbs I have ever done in my life and I have done plenty. Very underrated I believe. Once you reach the pass there is a knee jarring descent on the other side....it is a killer.

Once you have passed these points it is a cruisy flat walk into Junbesi. When you turn the final corner to head downs towards Junbesi you may have views of Numbur - my first memory of mountains in Nepal - unbelievable.

19th November 2008, 03:23 PM
I loved the flat section (a few km long?) which is full of rhododendrons just before reaching the pass (between "Lamjura" -- which as a good lodge with very nice owner -- and the pass itself)

I thought the Kenja-to-Sete section harder than Sete-to-pass section -- but then it might have been that I was still on Canada time with a cold on the Sete day....

[As for my absolute worst "uphill" experience, it has to be the Namche hill in 2005 :( -- as so many do, we flew in to Lukla, stayed at Phakding and then went up the next day. Well, I was jetlagged and out of shape, and with the altitude added to that I had a horrible climb -- yet this was my third time up that hill! My 6th trek overall. Go figure. Not every trek is the same.

The hill up from Tatopani to Ghorepani has always been a tough one, but it was always at the end of the AC and felt like a good sweaty (hot!) workout which I actually enjoy -- no altitude issues there.]

90% chance we are going over Lamjura again this December -- looking forward to it. Will be staying away from Bhandar bus as much as possible.
(Oli, I'll be looking for you.)

20th November 2008, 02:13 AM
Thanks for the route hints. I'm sure we'll find the way, not least because my guide is a local. I am looking forward to the Jiri-Lukla hike almost as much as Gokyo as its the only "main" (teahouse) trail that I've not yet seen (apart from Cho La (and eastern Helambu)). I've been up to the Khumbu a couple of times and am now thinking I have been cheating myself out of a nice walk in. See you there Landfall :D

I've been hinting to my trekking buddy that we'll have a couple of tough climbs early in the trek, he reckons he'll beat me up every hill and likely he will but at least I can say "I warned you" when he starts bitching. He was also with me on my (so far) "toughest day two" - crossing "Dead woman's pass" on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, from 3000m up to 4200m then steep down for (maybe) 300m, and no teahouses along the way :eek:

Edit: oh yeah, Tatopani to Ghorepani is a long steep. To do it in a day is tough, but there are a couple of nice lodges in Sikhar so make it in two days and although they are both "uphill" they are altogether more reasonable. ;)

20th November 2008, 02:17 AM
Yeah agree with Tatopani -> Ghorepani that is a hard climb and always very hot.

Lamjura - for me it is the sum of the parts rather than individual sections. Kenja to Sete is steeper but you are generally fresh and have more energy in my opinion. As you get further up the hill the more tired you get and it never seems to end.....

Always found Cho La quite a workout even when I was in shape - quite steep and rocky which made it difficult.

Never had probs with Namche hill but then have never flown into Lukla.

13th January 2009, 12:28 PM
It's a couple of years now since l was last there,then l was chased away by the maoist because l refused to pay their "entry fee"
Are they still collecting?
Where on the net to get a small map of the walk in from Jiri?
Thanks all and take care Frank

13th January 2009, 11:47 PM
The walk from/to Jiri is well worth the extra time & effort.

Are they (Maoists) still collecting?

Where on the net to get a small map of the walk in from Jiri?
Stanfords (in the UK), 1:100k (http://www.stanfords.co.uk/stock/jiri-to-everest-81994/) or 1:125k (http://www.stanfords.co.uk/stock/jiri-pikey-everest-158265/)

15th January 2009, 06:20 AM
[QUOTE=Oli]The walk from/to Jiri is well worth the extra time & effort.

Completely agree -- I think the walk Jiri to Bhandar (rather than taking a bus on to Bhandar) is a good one -- it still was in December 2008.

FYI, the day we went from Shivalaya to Bhandar last December was the inaugural trip of the "KTM direct to Bhandar" bus. Only thing, is that the bus broke down and locals we met who had been on it said it required an extra day (overnight) due to the breakdown.... Glad we walked.

No Maoists collecting Dec 2008.

15th January 2009, 05:03 PM
How does the road go through Deorali?

I remember the upper half of Shivalaya->Deorali path as really nice. Does the road intrude too much there?

What kind of traffic to expect on the road? Would staying overnight at Deorali be disturbed by it?



15th January 2009, 10:03 PM
The road passes just "above" Deorali -- not through it. So it doesn't really affect Deorali.

Between Shivalaya & Deorali: There are 1 (or 2?) places where the trail is briefly beside the road (indeed we were momentarily confused and almost made the mistake of walking on the road). The road then leaves the trail and takes a much longer higher route. Hence the trail is shorter and the road doesn't affect it.

Between Deorali & Bhandar: The trail drops straight down whereas the road switchbacks. Thus, the trail crosses the road 2-3 times on the way down. A bit of a pain but really no significant impact on the trail.

How busy is road? In December 2008 it was surprisingly quiet. Relatively infrequent bus traffic (indeed, though we heard one or two we never actually saw one -- an indication how the trail diverges from the road) and no cars -- we saw motorcycles stored in Shivalaya.

Bhandar: The road goes to the main village of Bhandar, and not to lower Bhandar where the lodges are -- so road does not affect trekkers there.

Finally, a note that there is a new trail Bhandar to Kenja that does not drop immediately to the river, rather it stays quite high on the west side -- even, to our surprise, has some ups! -- only dropping down when across from Kenja.

It appeared that a road was in its beginning from (upper) Bhandar down towards river -- cannot confirm where it is going, and it was not anywhere up near Kenja.

22nd January 2009, 06:45 AM
Any body know the cost and time for a 4wd from katmandu to Bandar?
With an early start from Ktm one could possibly make kenja on the first day.
hell of a second day ....probably hire a porter from Kenja to somewhere near the top of the pass...while the body adjusts...