View Full Version : Last minute Annapurna questions

6th November 2003, 12:08 PM
Last minute questions.
1. Do I need a trekking permit from the immigration office to trek around Annapurna or just the ACAP permit?

2. If just the ACAP permit, if I arrive in Thamel at about 2PM on Monday, November 12, can I obtain the permit that same day? In other words, is the ACAP office open at that time?

3. Do I need a passport photo for the visa I will purchase at the airport when I fly to Kathmandu?

4. Do I need a small padlock as recommended by one of the web-pages? What would I use it for? Are there lockers or something at the teahouses?




10th November 2003, 12:41 PM
1.A.C.A.P. permit only 2000 Nprs.but count on the maoist fee as well 500/1000 N rupees at present 7 to 13 dollars U.S.Often payable on your arrival receipt given so a one off.

2.Should be O.K. head towards the Kings Palace from Thamel just out of the main confines of Thamel maybe 200 mtrs alopng... there is a shopping complex on your right A.C.A.P. is here on the basement level.


4.for your own security whenever you feel you might need it.