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17th December 2004, 12:57 AM
March will be my first time in Nepal. Having done some trekking all around the UK I have not experienced trekking in a foreign country. From my own research and talking to family or contacts that have been in Nepal before, I have found some information can be misleading. I am considering doing the Mera trek. Or if you have any better alternatives that you think I would enjoy more please fire away. Any idea on the following : (Prices, fitness required, specific equipment needed)

I know the basics obviously but as you have experienced Himalayan trekking for you’re self you know the “tricks of the trade” as some describe them as.

Is the quality, product range on trekking gear the same as in western trekking areas? Any advice about trekking or advice on Nepal it self will be extremely useful.

Thank you

17th December 2004, 08:38 AM
Dear Jon,
Namaste from Jagat, I am working as a Independent Trekking Guide since 14 years ago in Nepal all Himalayan Region. I have quite enough experiences to handle clients treating by my personal services. I can organize any type of Nepal trip according to clients desire and interest. So, please feel free to contact me as follows:
For my more reference
ron.bourton@connectfree.co.uk (Leeds)
Just, we had done in November trip in Annapurna trek.
Wishing you all Best,

18th December 2004, 09:53 PM
mybe? therefore answer ===> www.my_trteckprog.com (linoczka.blox.pl/html)

19th December 2004, 06:15 PM
How much would you charge for the Mera trek?

Including: Flight’s to and from Lukla
All internal transport and transfers where need
Camping equipment
3 Meals a day
Around 3/Weak tour
Leader Services where needed
And any other local cost

I would prefer to trek within a group so I get to meet new people. I would be arriving in Mid March and wanting to start the trek around the beginning of April.

Thanks jon

21st December 2004, 09:58 AM
Mera Peak needs to be done with a registered climbing guide. Not just any registered guide. They must be a climbing guide. Usually you get them from trekking agencies in Thamel. Thirdpole Adventure Trekking (or Adventure Thirdpole Trekking) is a good one.

Ktd- Lukla return is about 180 USD. I can't tell you exactly other prices from Mera Peak, as I have not done it myself. You will pay extra, since you need a special permit to trek to the top of Mera (you can't just walk on it by yourself without registering for the route and getting a permit), and need to have the climbing guide I talked about.
The trekking agency usually provides you with all the equipment (including tents, but not sleeping bags usually, thou you can pay extra to hire those as well) and they include this in your package price. I guess the best idea is to email 3-4 Nepali agencies in Kathmandu and see what they offer. This will definitely cost you about half comparing to prices quoted by big Western tour operators (say based in London, like World Expeditions etc).

If you are a "peak bagger" do Mera. Island Peak (or Imja Tse) in the same area in Khumbu, is another alternative for a trekking peak.
Else there are a number of fantastic treks in the Nepal Himalayas where you can combine the awesomeness of nature with the amazingly varied Nepali cultures and ethnic groups. When I first went to Nepal, my focus was to see the mighty Himal close up. I must admit that the lasting impressions for that trip, as well as the subsequent four after that, have been stronger in relation to the Nepali people, the variety of cultures and religions.

Anyway, this is my perspective, and everyone's focus is different. If you are in Kathmandu (Thamel, specifically) around 20-21 March and then around 9-11 of April, I'll see you around there. Pub Maya is a good place to meet other tourists. Of course there are many others.