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Raju Thapa
6th September 2003, 10:54 PM
Next year 2003 in june we have planed to make a pilgrimage tour to Mt Kailsh and Lake manasarover for peace and tolerance.The mt kailsh is not popular for only hindus and Buddhist also the highlight culturally and naturally to every people comming from difference religion,tradition and culture.Our goal is to oragnize safe pilgrimage tour to kailsh region crossing 5650m domala pass which does not require climbing experience.
We are intersted to organize group maximum 12 people from different major seven religion.In the tour we will try to get film crew also.This idea came to while i was in mustang last week and i am now try to manage how is possible.The departure dates and precise information i will put in this online message in few days.Intersted keep check and i will welcome your advise too.
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7th September 2003, 11:46 AM
K chha raju ji,
Khub chalakha, kina Bemani bhayako business ko laghi
Robert Thapa Magar