View Full Version : Posting Rules for Guides and Agencies

21st October 2008, 01:09 PM
1. Advertising is only allowed in the Trekking Guides Looking for Clients forum or Services Offered forum.

2. Adverts posted in the Trekking Companions, Safety and Travel, Trek Route Notes and News and Views fora will be moved to the appropriate forum or deleted.

3. It is not necessary to post the same advert over and over again in different forums.

4. Please don't pretend to be a trekker and then post advice so that you can dishonestly advertise. It is very obvious to all when you do this and only makes you look like a dishonest person who no-one would want to employ.

5. Please make an effort to participate by answering questions as you should have up-to-date, local information that we do not have. But please do this in the relevant forums without advertising.

6. Please do not cut and paste standard trekking itineraries into the Trek Route Notes forum. This again is just advertising and adds nothing to that forum. The trek route notes forum is to share information about the latest situation on a certain trek, to find out about less frequented treks, and routes to follow over high passes etc.

7. Any guides and agencies that can join in and provide useful information to prospective trekkers without just repeating the same "cut and paste" adverts that most here do will inevitably pick up more business.

8. Please don't use the private message system to spam members individually with adverts. If someone wants to contact you after you have posted an advert in the correct forum then that is up to them. Using the private messaging system is the same as spam and will be treated as such. Spammers are banned from this board. Adverts can ONLY be placed in the Services Offered, Trekking Guides Looking For Clients. If you are caught doing this you will be instantly banned from this site.

9. Please post ONE advert only. Only one advert per agency/guide is allowed. You are allowed to edit your original advert as often as you like. But if you post more than one on a regular basis then it is likely that they will be deleted.

10. If you break the rules above, you will be warned in writing once after the first rule break, stating that you must stop the rule breaking, then again after the second rule break. If you break the rules for a third time you will be immediately banned and prevented from posting.

5th November 2008, 09:41 PM
Due to the spam problem with the trekking guides looking for clients forum, all adverts posted by guides here have to be reviewed and approved before they will appear. So they will not be added immediately, you need to be patient and wait for your post to be found amongst the spam and it will be added to the forum. Please do not use this as a reason to spam the other forums.

Sanjib Adhikari you have just posted 18 adverts across all the forums, I have had to delete them yet again. You have been written to more than 10 times asking for you to follow the rules. Please follow them and be patient. Your adverts will be added to the correct forum within a few minutes or at most a couple of hours.