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29th August 2004, 04:34 PM
I am a 24 yr old female looking for trekking companions to do the Annapurna sanctuary trek going back to Pokhara via the Jomson trek, totalling approx 14 days. Would also be interested in meeting up with other people who are doing other treks. I will be arriving in Kathmandu on the 3rd of October.
Would love to here from anyone.

30th August 2004, 06:38 AM
We are a group of 3 New Zealanders planing on doing the Annapurna Circuit . We arrive on the 4th of October . If you would like to know more or interested in joining our group please let me know


30th August 2004, 06:14 PM
Hi Steven,
Sounds good. Nothing is for certain about the trek I am doing but am departing Nepal at the beggining of November to go to Thailand. Havent booked any accomodation for Kathmandu yet as am arriving from a tour in China. If you could e-mail me sooner the time and we could all arrange to meet up. (Also heard that beer is cheaper than water)!
Hope to see you soon.

31st August 2004, 07:46 AM
HI Again

Just to let you know our group has similar plans as well. After the trek we are stoping over in Dehli for a couple of days then spending the rest of our time in Thailand ...
I will keep you posted of our plans


31st August 2004, 04:24 PM
Hi Natalie,
beer is not cheaper than water in Nepall. You can buy for 80 NpR (cheapest price you can find in KTM, not in restaurant) a bottle of Tuborg (66 cl), and for 7 NpR 1 liter of mineral water.
Enjoy AC : it's great!

1st September 2004, 05:18 AM
...in fact, sorry to disappoint you Natalie...

on the trail beer can be quite expensive. It all has to be carried in for you to drink, and the further from the roadhead the more expensive it gets. Up in the Sanctuary it is likely to cost more than your room and a good dahl baht.

If you like booze then the local gut rot is considerably cheaper.

But I don't really like alcohol, apart from a celebratory G&T on Thorung La, and this is just one of the many reasons why I think trekking in Nepal is so great.

If we should meet in Kathmandu I'll buy you a 'lassi', they are great, but for the best you have to go to the Dhaulagiri Lodge in Tatopani - there they make lassi from fresh oranges from the garden and it is truly ambrosia from the gods.


2nd September 2004, 05:37 PM
Hi Natalie, i am 22 male from uk also looking for possible treking companions. i will be ariving in ktm on the 10th sept and departing in late nov. my email is dtwort@yahoo.com if you are interested

8th September 2004, 03:04 AM
Hey natalie, i'm a 22 year old girl from Glasgow. Should be in Nepal around the same time as you and planning on doing the Annapurna Sanctuary. Let me know if you want to hook up.

9th September 2004, 11:50 AM
I'm also a 24 yr old woman looking for companions to trek the Annapurna circuit at the same time. My email is erinmilika@hotmail.com if you want to get in touch.

9th September 2004, 01:43 PM
Hi Stacey an Erin,
Thanks for your replys. I will give you my e-mail so just let me know when you are arriving and where you are staying and we can meet up. My e-mail is natalie_gartland@hotmail.com. Have just hiked part of the great wall and am hiking tiger leaping gorge in the next couple of weeks. Found the wall hard so I will need to see how hard annapurna circuit is going to be. If I think it is going to be too difficult I will opt for annapurna sanctuary and come back via the jomson route so it will take roughly 14 days. I am hopefully going to meet up with the kiwis as well. Hope to here from you. We should have fun.

Natalie x

18th September 2004, 02:45 AM
Hi Natalie, I'm 23 year old male from the uk, also looking for trekking companions to do the Annapurna sanctuary trek, i be in nepal from early oct to dec, so let me know if u want to meet up.


7th October 2004, 06:16 PM
hi Natalie,
if it suits i am looking to do Annapurna Sanctuary starting 8th or 9th october. 30 yr old kiwi..drop me a line at curtis_raewyn@hotmail.com if that suits.