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7th August 2008, 10:41 AM
Hi evrybody!
Was recommended Santaman here on the forum.
And i tried to contact him but havent got any reply.
So now im asking for any other suggestions good porters/guides
for my family trek in annapurna in october.
Im specially intrested in recommendations from people that tekked with
their familys/children.
One more thing do you think that annapurna gone be full of tourist this year?
And if so any strategy to get rooms at lodges. If they fill up qick ?

7th August 2008, 08:42 PM
I have done 7 treks in Nepal. I use a couple of guides. jangusherpa3@hotmail.com
and Pembal15@yahoo.com
Good luck on your trek. It's a wonderful country.

10th August 2008, 05:29 PM
There are enough lodges on the AC, so no need to feer overcrowding.

If you feel like you've got particular preferences in terms of lodges, then there are three options:

1. If you're on your own, you can leave early in the morning to get to the "best lodges" before others.

2. If you have help, you can send one of the porters ahead to "reserve" you a good room.

3. Have a "top guide" who usually brings a lot of business to the top lodges, and who usually gets preferential treatment for his clients.

However, for the AC there is not need to get paranoic at all about this issue.(This used to be more of an issue in the shute from Lukla to Namche in Khumbu, in high season, not so much of an issue in the last few years...)

In the villages upto Manang, there are plenty of lodges, as there are from Ranipuwa/Jomsom. And in areas like Ledar, Throung Pedi or High Camp there is only one or two lodges anyway. No point in running up to them in a hurry in any case. You might get altitude sickness.

19th August 2008, 11:37 AM
Biggest problems are the large groups that take over lodges, leaving little room for independent trekkers.
Not a problem outside of Oct/Nov high season.

If you are going in Oct/Nov, there ARE a couple of tight points on the AC:

(i) Churi Letdar (before Phedi): Lodges here are not great (especially not the Snowland:mad: ) and filled-up nov 2007. Much better to stay at far better lodges in Yak Kharka

(ii) Phedi... but they will fit you in somewhere

(iii) Muktinath (Ranipawa) after the pass -- keep looking

(iv) Tatopani -- beats me why so many like Tatopani. Whatever, it really fills up. Keep asking and something comes up. Our second-worst place last nov (second worst only "beaten" by the Snowland in Letdar) but at least we were not sleeping outside on balconies as some had to.

One tried and true way to overcome the above is to pace yourself so that you end day earlier (and get a place before others) or stay in villages that are often lunch spots. This doesn't work for the Phedi & Muktinath, however.

Some guides now phone ahead for "reservations" (e.g., for Marpha).

Don't take the above as anything significantly negative, it still is a great trek (was in nov 2007...).