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8th July 2008, 02:49 PM

Is anyone here from the UK? Can you recommend an insurance for a trip to the base camp?

Many thanks
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8th July 2008, 04:43 PM
Unfortunately your choices are limited since there was an expensive repatriation debacle a few years ago and as such several of the insurers specifically exclude people trekking on their own, without a guide and not in a group. Because the FCO specifically advises trekkers to always trek in a group with a registered guide the insurers take that as verbatim. Shame.

What you need is insurance that covers you for helicopter evac up to 5500m for trekking only.

BMC members can get insurance underwritten by Fortis, there is also Snowcard - they are underwritten by Fortis too. I have been insured by them both in the past but they require you to be with a guide (and in a group I believe - you will need to check this with them). But if you do fulfill their exclusions they will cover you for trekking up 5500m and you can add levels to include trekking peaks and mountaineering.

Some banks provide free travel insurance with your bank account. It is worth checking to see what their exclusions are. Some may well give you full cover.

My bank cover allows for trekking up to 3000m and for my last trip I was unable to arrange anything better as I didn't have a guide. I had to just accept that we would have to get ourselves out of trouble above 3000m or expect an expensive bill. I wouldn't recommend doing that unless you know how you cope with altitude.

If you don't have sufficient cover through your bank account I would recommend Snowcard, ring them and ask whether you need to have a guide AND be in a group. If just a guide then you should be ok.

Good luck

9th July 2008, 09:11 PM
Mate - thanks for this info, it's great! (Unlike going up a mountain without insiurance)
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