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29th February 2008, 09:13 PM
Dear Sir / Madam

We do extensively feel privilege to inform you that we have commenced a www.trekkingnews.com an online news service, covering all the tourism related news especially focusing the trekking sectors of Nepal. www.trekkingnews.com has been carring out the news, views, articles and activities of tourism sectors of both public and private sectors.

There is no doubt that tourism industry is the means to earn foreign currenency but due to lacks of political stability, adequate policies and many practical problems, we are still far to grab the opportunity. www.trekkingnews.com would promises to carry all the problems being faced by the tourism industry. In fact, we are trying to be the forum of tourism entrepreneurs by carrying out all the revelent issues.

Many tourism associations are established aiming to promoting tourism and their initiation are well appreciated too. We do hope that we would paly a catalyst role in promoting tourism industry of the country.

Our entire goal is to marketing the potentiality of tourism industry of the country in abroad. We, respectfully request you to provde news, views and articles as well as your company's advertisements to encourage our endeaveurs.

We are hopeful for your generous support and cooperation.

With kindest regards

Damodar Dhakal
Managing Editor